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Meet the Team

Suzie Langton - Vocalist

Suzie has been performing for over 20 years, and comes from a background of performing arts training both at Colchester University and at Leicester College of Performing Arts. 

Having been told from a young age that she didn't 'fit the industry,' she set out to prove everyone wrong, and embarked on a career performing around the country. Suzie is now a well known voice across many theatres, clubs, and restaurants around the UK and has had the pleasure of singing at so many weddings, parties and celebrations as well! 

Suzie's overarching aim of any performance is to connect with her crowd, read the atmosphere and create memories - and of course have fun at the same time! 

Suzie and Sam came together as a duo (and are partners too!), with the same love for music, and the same passion for creating meaningful and memorable moments for each person that books them.

Meet the Team

Sam Holland - Guitarist / Backing Vocalist

Sam grew up surrounded by music and was in attendance at his fathers' gigs from a very young age. At the age of 13, Sam formed his first band and played at the well known live music venue, The Shed in Leicester. Following studying music production at university, Sam went on to tour the world as a guitarist and drummer, working on world cruises and for companies such as P&O cruises, and visiting everywhere from the Caribbean to Bahrain! 

When Sam landed back on home soil, he was quickly picked up by the famous 70s rock band, Showaddywaddy, and has played over 200 shows with the band to date, including headlining festivals in Denmark, and playing to over 2,000 people in Belfast's largest theatre. 

Sam enjoys working on new material to continue challenging him as a guitarist, and is loving getting stuck into new songs for each new client that books the acoustic duo!

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