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Events Band

Acoustic Duo

This option is perfect for background music at your wedding, or to get the party started with some stripped back party hits! 

Comprising of Suzie Langton as your leading lady, and a team of expert musicians behind her, Suzie's top class events band is your one stop shop for party entertainment. Covering genres from 70s and 80s, to modern pop and rock, they are the go to band to get your party started!

Suzie Langton - solo artist

If you are in need of a solo act, to provide party hits to get your guests dancing, a 1940s/vintage style atmosphere, or chilled style background music for your wedding reception, Suzie is your artist! Covering many genres from 40s, 50s and 60, right through to modern floor fillers, Suzie's versality makes her the perfect choice for your event!

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